Terms of service –

  1. Below is Little Light Studio’s (LLS) standard Terms and Conditions. Please take time to read through our Terms and Conditions thoroughly and ensure you understand them before you commence a project with us. By requesting photography services from Little Light Studio, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and you are aware that you are entering a binding contract – payment is required.

Original Written Brief, Variations and Guarantee

  1. LLS will not charge for additional revisions of images provided that the clients request for revision conform to the original Written Brief and are communicated before delivery of images.
  2. Any additional work, revisions or variations outside of the original written brief will be charged at the current price list rate. All prices include GST. Additional expenses will be charged accordingly.


  1. Estimates are generated by LLS on the basis of the written brief and the current price list. Estimates may be subject to change if additional work is required.
  • Estimates can be changed any time before the shoot commences and any product/service that has not been written in the estimate but for which the client has received the product/benefit, this can be charged in the final invoice.


  1. LLS reserve the right to request a deposit from the client prior to starting work on their photography. If a deposit is requested by LLS, an invoice will be generated and delivered to the client via email and payment is expected. By remitting deposit funds to LLS, the Client is accepting the Terms and Conditions and entering a contract with LLS.
  2. If a deposit is not requested, the Client is considered to accept the Terms and Conditions upon request of services/work from LLS.
  3. All prices quoted on LLS web site and advertising material include delivery and include GST.
  4. Full payment is required prior to delivery of images and all payments are to be made within 7 days of invoicing.
  5. LLS is entitled to charge the Client for any fees incurred relating to commencement of collection and recovery processes for accounts that remain unpaid in excess of 7 days.

Variation policy

  1. LLS reserves the right to charge additional costs if the Client requests amendments to the original Visual Brief, the original project outcome is altered or further photography is requested – refer clause (3).
  2. LLS will declare a project completed if no response is received from Client within 7 days of providing an image proof sheet and the images will be determined as the final accepted images. LLS will then invoice the Client for final payment of total project and non-payment will result in collection processes. Legal action may also be taken by LLS to recover all monies owed.



  1. Products sent by post/courier should be carefully packed and in a state suitable for photography. If this is not the case an extra fee may be incurred and the client will be informed before the job commences.
  2. Return product delivery is at the expense of the client and will be added to the invoice. If products have been arranged to be returned by post or courier, the estimated time of delivery is 3-5 working days.

Copyright/ownership and use

  1. Subject to payment of all fees in full, the client is granted an exclusive and unrestricted license to use and publish the Final Imagery in accordance with the terms outlined in Permitted Use.
  2. Delivery of the Final Imagery will include the published form of the images but will not include the underlying “source” materials and files or preliminary work that we undertake. Source materials and files include PSD and RAW files (working files).
  1. The terms and conditions of Permitted Use are as follows;
  • unless specifically agreed, the license does not confer any intellectual property rights to you, except as a licensee;
  • the license will begin operating from the date of payment of our fees in full;
  • you must not use the Final Imagery so as to derogate or harm or adversely reflect on our reputation; and
  • If the final image is changed or manipulated in any way by the client or another party, the client must not credit us as the authors.

Our use of the final imagery

  1. Notwithstanding anything above, we shall retain the right to use the Final Imagery in our promotional and marketing activities, including participation in photographic competitions, use in photographic publications and electronic, printed or other portfolio use.