Good product photography can make the difference between you and your competitors.

Not all products are the same and not all suit a pure white background but of course, many do.

With our product photography, choose between two lighting styles: Pure White or Magazine. Expert guidance from Little Light Studio photography staff, will help you choose the style that most suits your product and customers.  Both styles are perfect for catalogues, online shop, social media image content, and print media.

Looking to get some styled shots as well? Little Light Studio offers simple styled shots which are perfect for e-commerce shops, social media content and print media. Check below for details.


'Magazine Style' product photography has a beautiful lighting quality, keeping the natural shadows and allowing for shape and texture to be accentuated. Magazine style gives your product a sense of place, creating mood and depth.


The Pure White style lends itself to immediate brand acknowledgement. It brings the focus directly to the product detail, and is especially suitable to food packaging, such as glass jars. This style is also know as packshot and catalogue photography.



Styled shots are great for Instagram, Facebook and other social media content along with web content and print media. It is useful to build up a library of styled product images as you will use them frequently.

'Styled' implies images made using props alongside your product. These props could include raw ingredients or other objects designed to create a visual story. This kind of shot will incur an extra 'styling' fee. This can range in cost from $20 - $80 per image, depending on complexity. Please check our Pricing Guide for more information.

All styled images are taken in the studio and clients are expected to provide all the props they would like to use in the images. An outline of how they are to be styled can be stated in the photography brief or you can simply leave this up to the photographer. When thinking about your styled shots, it can be helpful to research other shots you like and even create a mood board.

"Great product photography helps your business grow."